Sunday, June 10, 2012

Super-easy Sunday: Fruit Dip!

You may hate the heat, but you've got to love all the fresh produce available during summer, especially the abundance of fruits.  The heat also doesn't always inspire me to jump in the kitchen near the stove and oven, so this super-easy, no cook recipe for Fruit Dip can be just the thing. I first had it at a potluck dinner party several years ago, and when I asked, it turned out to have a ridiculously easy recipe.

What You'll Need
Smallish mixing bowl                                                      Cutting board
2 spoons                                                                           Knife for slicing
1 package cream cheese                                                   13 oz jar marshmallow creme

Now Let's Make Fruit Dip!
Yeah, you read that right: three ingredients. Try to leave your cream cheese out ahead of time to soften.  It's best if you can avoid microwaving, but if you must, watch it closely. You want the cream cheese soft but not warm and melty.  I use reduced fat cream cheese for this recipe, since it doesn't affect the flavor at all. If you're buying cream cheese in the tub, make sure not to accidently wind up with "cooking cream." It's not the same (no, really). Place your cream cheese in your smallish mixing bowl.

Take one of your spoons and beat the cream cheese until it's smooth and has lost its form. Move the cream cheese around the bowl so that it forms a little well (or bowl of its own) with most of the cream cheese to the sides of the bowl and only a little in the center.  This will help us when it comes time to mix in the marshmallow fluff a little later.

Now, open your jar of marshmallow creme.  Using your other (clean) spoon, scoop out marshmallow creme and add it to the center of the cream cheese.  This part really varies by taste.  If you like your dip cheesier, only add half the jar of marshmallow fluff. If, however, you like the dip a little sweeter add about 3/4 of the jar (like me).  If you're not sure, start with half the jar, mix it in, taste, and add more until you've reached a mixture that pleases you. 

Using your cream cheese spoon (to avoid cross contamination in case you need to add more marshmallow later), you're going to fold the marshmallow fluff into the cream cheese. This avoid having the marshmallow cling to the spoon and resist mixing.  Start at the side of the bowl and dig your spoon under the cream cheese with the back of the spoon facing the middle of the bowl. Lift the cream cheese toward the center and press it down into the marshmallow creme.  Turn the bowl and repeat with another side.

Use the folding motion until the marshmallow creme become easier to mix in. Then you can transition to a more normal stirring method. Whip the fruit dip until it's well blended and smooth in texture. Make sure that there are no lumps.  If you're having trouble getting a clump to mix in, squish it with the back of your spoon and stir.  

Set your fruit dip aside or allow it to chill in the refrigerator.  Using your cutting board and knife, slice up any fruits that you want to go with the dip.  I used apples this time, but I like it best with berries, especially strawberries.  The dip goes well with just about any fruit you can think of.

Spoon the dip into a pretty serving dip, arrange the fruit on a nice plate and voila! Instant party dish.  (Or, you can do what I did and dig in).


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