This blog is designed to combine two of my favorite interests: books and food. What better combination, right? At times our topic du jour will be books, at others, food. Sometimes it'll be food in literature, sometimes food on literature (though I do try to avoid that). So expect a mish-mash of both intellectual and stomach-related yumminess!

Once upon a time I tried to post midweek. Yeah.... I try to post regular book posts on Fridays and recipe posts on Sundays.

Book reviews are always my thoughts on my recent reading experience, detailing what I liked about the book and what I found troubling.  I don't plan to post strictly negative reviews, nor will I post on super-popular titles.  I do occasionally post on classics, but those posts take a different format as reviews are unnecessary.

Food posts will always feature a recipe with step by step instructions (and pictures!) on how to create the dish yourself.  I post both my own recipes, family recipes, and recipes from books/magazines that I'm trying out.  Credit is always given where appropriate.

So, please read and enjoy! (and don't forget to comment and follow while your at it)

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