Cast of Characters

The Author: I'm a voracious reader of many interests with an M.A. in English Literature. Strangely, I think I may read more now than when I was in grad school, a feat I once thought impossible. I work in a smallish branch library, which only feeds my passion for books. I love cooking and want to share that joy with as many people as possible, whether they're long time chefs or just learning to boil water.  My other interests include writing (I know, I completely blindsided you with this one, didn't I?), photography, drawing, and other artistic and crafty pursuits.

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The Gato:  My name is Sebastian R. Gato. My humans spoil me rotten, as it should be.   Occasionally I deign to make appearances in The Book Pantry in order to offer my esteemed opinions on select children's and young adult books or anything else that tickles my whiskers.  I also show up in photos for recipe posts, as I stalks my hooman's food, apples, and other tasty morsels that are only my proper due.

Foolish hooman, this is my complete profile

The Lovely Assistant: Also known as Jen, she spends much of her time eating Haley's (the author) delicious creations.  Hanging around the kitchen also leads to her being frequently pressed into labor.  She's also one of my favorite models, so choosing her photo was really difficult. Photography cohort and cheese-shredder extraordinaire, Jen likes quiche and long walks on the beach (right, Jen? Too bad; it's already on here).

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