Friday, August 24, 2012

Up to Date

Hey all.  Tonight's post is a little bit different than usual. I haven't had much time for reading lately, so for one thing I don't have a book to review.  Why? Because I've been working a lot on some of the behind the scenes aspects of my blog lately.

You might have noticed a few things changing, like the side bar, whose layout I was more than a little spastic about recently.

Soooo, what's changed?

  • I've added the option to follow my blog via email. Sign up is over there on the left, by the way. See? See!
  • You might also notice that up at the top of the blog are some new tabs. Definitely check out my About and Cast of Characters page, especially the latter. You might also want to take a looksie at the "I'm on a Roll" tab, which features my blog roll.
But most important is the tab I added today. A few seconds ago, even.... The Recipes tab! I've finally broken down and created a master list of all the recipes I've done for the blog. It took a while! So, check it out. You now have easy access to recipes for your perusal and general entertainment. 

What else is coming? I'm glad you asked (Shut up, you did so!).  I've long geared my blog to cooks of all skill levels. I especially try to make my recipes beginner friendly.  So, I'm working on a Basics section that will feature basic cooking techniques and terms.  

I hope you enjoy! I'm already plotting Sunday's recipe post. Requests?

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