Sunday, March 4, 2012

Don't Let Your Flapjacks Flop!

Although, who doesn't like a good pancake? Unless, of course, you've burned them (I've never done that. Nope!). Pancakes are practically a world-wide dish, too, which is pretty cool; seriously, check out the Wikipedia page, which is . . . impressive. This is one of the first things I learned to cook, so this particular recipe is the result of plenty of practice and, well, flops. So, this is the recipe for my super-fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes; it makes about 6-8 flapjacks, depending on how good you are at stretching the batter (I'm not, and I always wind up with an awkward 7).

What You'll Need
Medium mixing bowl                                                   Large mixing bowl
Measuring cups (Liquid and Dry)                                 Ladle
Measuring spoons                                                       Cast iron skillet or griddle
Whisk                                                                          Topping(s) of choice
2 cups all-purpose flour                                               1 tsp salt
2 Tbsp sugar                                                               2 large eggs
2 tsp baking powder                                                    3 Tbsp butter
1 tsp baking soda                                                         1 3/4 cup buttermilk

Now Let's Make Buttermilk Pancakes!
Take your medium mixing bowl and measure out 2 cups all-purpose flour, 2 Tbsp sugar, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda, and 1 tsp salt. (Do NOT confuse the powder and the soda! Again, I've never done this).  Whisk the dry ingredients together until there are no lumps and the texture is quite fine.  Set aside.

Now, melt 3 Tbsp butter.  While butter is melting, crack the 2 large eggs into your large mixing bowl. Remove shell if necessary and beat the eggs with the whisk until yolks and whites are blended.  Add the melted butter.  Shake the buttermilk and measure out 1 3/4 cup, pouring it into the bowl. Whisk all the wet ingredients together vigorously until they are thoroughly mixed.

Add the bowl of dry ingredients to the bowl of wet.  Whisk until all of the dry ingredients are mixed in and there are no lumps.  Try not to beat overly long, as this could result in a tough pancakes (and no one likes a pancake that gives you lip). The batter should be thick but pourable; if the batter is too thick, add buttermilk in very small amounts, mixing after each addition, until you reach the proper consistency. Be careful, it's really easy to overdo and get runny batter. (And, like snotty eggs, runny batter is just wrong).

Try not to burn the paper. Heh heh.
Set the batter aside and heat your skillet/griddle (cooking instrument of choice) to medium-low heat.  On my stove, anything above 3 results in burnt crisps (which couldn't flop if they wanted to, but suck nonetheless). Ultimately, you'll just have to know your stove. While your griddle heats, allow the batter to rest; this will help encourage overall fluffiness. Your griddle is ready when butter sizzles on it. Speaking of butter . . . take the rest of the stick that you cut the 3 Tbsp from and peel back the paper. Apply butter to the pan between each pancake as you cook using this stick (see photo).

Ladle pancake batter onto the buttered skillet.  Allow the flapjack to cook on one side until bubbles begin to surface on the uncooked side of the pancake.  This will be most pronounced around the edges. Pancake is ready to flip when the edge can be easily lifted without batter sticking to the spatula.  The color of the cooked side should be a deep golden brown.  Cook the other side of the pancake until it matches the top in color. Repeat until all batter is used.

Stack the flapjacks and serve with your choice of toppings.  I prefer powdered sugar, but my boyfriend likes maple syrup.  Other tasty options: fresh fruit, fruit sauce, whipped cream, jams and preserves, marshmallow cream, chocolate, nutella, caramel and nuts.  Also, because this pancake is not particularly sweet in and of itself, you can also it with savory toppings and/or dishes (I totally want to try this soon!).

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  1. Yummy looking! Can't you just make some for me?

  2. Sadly, no, but I bet Emma could. Just saying.


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